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Find a Hidden Treasure while visiting the Carmel Area?  Share it with others.  The Wine Walk Social Media map lets you share a special place you visited in Carmel and the surrounding area.  Scroll down below the map for instructions.

How to Post

To Post your Hidden Treasure, double click on the map at the approximate location. You will be able to drag/drop the marker or use the address to position it accurately.


Fill in the information and click the blue bar. You will be taken to the next screen where you can describe your hidden treasure and post photos or a video.



Since this map is intended to showcase hidden treasure off the beaten path, and since it is a map, it is important to include an accurate location for your post. If the location has a physical address, it's easy, just use that. If it's location without an address such as The Gorge Swimming Hole in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, you'll need to get the GPS coordinates from your phone. Please include the GPS coordinates in your submission. Your placement of the marker can be approximate. The "Get Directions" button will use your GPS coordinates, not your marker placement on the map.


All posts to the Wine Walk Social Media Map are subject to review before being published. While we welcome all contributions, we need to ensure all posts contribute value to other Wine Walk visitors. There is a finite amount of space on the map and too many markers will make it unusable. We welcome all posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages but can't accommodate everyone's experience at our tasting rooms, for example, on this map. Here we'd like to showcase special locations off the beaten path to enrich your Carmel visit.

How to Get GPS Coordinates on iPhone

1) Be sure you have GPS Location Services enabled on iPhone, found in Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and be sure Compass app has access to location data

2) Open the Compass app on iPhone


3) Calibrate the Compass app if necessary, then wait a moment for the current location to be determined.

4) Find the GPS Coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) format at the bottom of Compass app on iPhone.

5) Optionally, copy the coordinates by tapping and holding on the coordinates and choosing “Copy” from the pop-up menu.